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ShowNet now offers "Privacy" setting for video on the ShowNet system

ShowNet has been asked by many clients to remove certain videos from our system. We view our system, and video library as a resource to the community for all our members. We do understand the issue that some members may have in regard to video removal, so we believe we have a compromise solution to this issue.

A ShowNet member may now set their video to "Private" within the ShowNet system. What this does is, block access to a video that is "set to private" outside the account user, to the public audience. When a video is set to private, there will be a message when others try to access this video, that video does in fact exist but has been "set to private, please contact the owner to view this video."

There will be an additional charge of $13.50 to the member who sets their video to private, as the video is no longer for sale on the ShowNet system. You may set a video to private at the point of purchase, or for videos you have in library you may set to private from this area also.

Go to My Videos select your horse Play Media. Click on the drop down menu and select "Privatize Media". You will be charged $13.50 for this function.